How To Look After Your Beard During Lockdown

Ahead Barbers in Wirral Share Top Tips For Beard Maintenance During Lockdown

Has your beard lost its way during lockdown? If yours is looking a little…unruly at the moment – Ahead barbershops in Wirral have got you covered! Whilst we recommend that you wait for us to re-open (and have our team of expert barbers get your beard in ship-shape!) we do recognise that a little maintenance wouldn’t go a miss.

Here, Ahead barber and beard-maestro, Sean, shares some top tips for looking after your beard during self-isolation…

Lockdown Beard Maintenance, Ahead Barbers Wirral Step 1: Start by brushing all your all beard hair away from the mouth using a wide-tooth comb or beard brush.

Step 2: Either freehand or using a guard, begin to trim the beard to its desired length. Top tip? You can find the shape of your beard by noticing where the hair is at its thickest.

Step 3: Carefully remove any hairs above the beard line on your cheeks.

Step 4: Creating the neckline is easier than it seems, I myself trim in a straight line two cm above my Adam’s apple across my neck and remove any hair on my neck.

Step 5: Finally, trim any hairs hanging over your lips taking them off neatly and follow around your lips.

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