Men’s Grooming

Men's Grooming at Ahead4Him Barbershops in Wirral

Gone are the days when a quick shower and a dab of aftershave was seen as the only grooming that men needed! The modern man often spends a great deal of time and money on looking his best. At our men’s barbershops in Claughton & Heswall in Wirral, we can advise you on a great men's haircut, hairstyle & facial hair grooming to get you looking and feeling fantastic.

Whether you want a quick trim, changing your beard style or a complete makeover, we will take the time to discuss the look you want and can suggest grooming ideas that will suit you.

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Beard Trims For Men in Wirral

When it comes to deciding on the shape and length of your beard, it’s important to understand that some beard shapes will not suit you. Your ahead4him grooming specialist can help you find the best beard for your face shape, personality & individual style. Below is some handy information for some guidance before your beard appointment...

Round Face Shapes – Slim down a rounder face with an angled shave along your cheekbones, creating the illusion of a more tapered face, hair should be kept fuller on your chin.

Square Face Shapes – Shave or trim with sharp, precise lines near your cheekbones, to create cut-glass cheekbones to be proud of. Keep your beard short on the sides and more full on your chin.

Oval Face Shapes – This is the ideal face shape for almost any style of beard, so get inventive and experiment until you find the beard shape that is perfect for you!

Hot Towel Shaves in Wirral

Even if you usually use a double edge or straight wet razor, nothing quite beats the luxury of a professional barbershop hot towel shave. Our clients love this relaxing close shave treatment.

The highly trained specialist barbers at ahead4him in Claughton & Heswall provide the very best hot towel shaves. Your face and neck will be brighter, more smooth and feel moisturised following your ‘old-fashioned hot towel shave at our barbers in Wirral.

When the moist hot towel is wrapped around your face, it softens the hair on your face, making your shave smoother and reducing irritation for your skin, nicks and razor burn. The hairs also expand as they absorb the moisture, making it much easier to shave your beard. The heat from the towel also opens the pores to help cleanse the skin and make it easier to remove ingrown hairs. 

Many gents choose to have a weekly hot towel shave, but they also make an excellent gift!

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Skin Fades For Gents

Modern and super stylish, the skin fade haircut is an increasingly popular look for men of all ages. 

As the name suggests, a skin fade is where the back and sides of the hair are clippered to the shortest possible length and ‘fades’ into the top. Also known as the bald fade haircut, this trendy men’s hairstyle comes in a variety of forms, including the high, mid, and low skin fade.

Clippers are used to achieve your skin fade, with clients asking for us to low or higher up, your skin fade can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish – just talk to your barber about the look you fancy. 

Incredibly versatile, the skin fade can be combined with pretty much any hair cut including a quiff, pompadour, preppy hairstyles or slicked back look, depending on the look you want to achieve. 

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