Aheadpreneur – 1 Day Business Course




aheadpreneur – 1 Day Business Course

Date: Monday 7th March 2022

Do you dream of owning your own salon or barbershop? 

Want to turn your passion into profit? 

Are you already a business owner and winging it?

Having trouble finding or motivating your staff? 


As you enter entrepreneurship, above are all common thoughts and questions you go through before you became a salon owner and you thought to yourself you want to run your own business, and then suddenly your business ran you. Maybe you are still working as a barber or hairdresser and plan to open your own business thinking “how difficult can it be?”

From working as a Stylist on the shop floor to multiple business owner, founder of the ahead brand, Ian Holt hosts a day sharing his industry acumen where he explores all the key factors which have led him to becoming the multiple salon and academy owner he is today.
Course Outline:
The purpose of the course is to take you back to the very beginning on the journey you set out, discovering the source of your intentions to the vital reason of WHY you got, or want to get into business. Having a clear vision of where you want to go is the key to success irrespective of whether you know how to get there or not. 
We begin to explore all the salon secrets that from experience haven’t been by luck, but rather by hard work, strategies and key values that have allowed Ian to grow the brand to the level of where it is today. 

You will be guided through the following:

– Reclaiming your vision

– Your Key Values

– Understanding the commercial and financial aspects of running a salon business

– Finding and motivating staff

– How to impact salon profit

– Business strategy 

– Client consultation 

– Retail techniques

– And much more…

You might think, surely, he’s creating more competition for himself. Well, if you see it that way then there’s no opportunity for industry growth. What’s his end goal?
To increase his self-worth… by sharing his knowledge and experiences with you to help you grow your brand so you may develop your understanding, which in turn increases your value. What does that do for us? It allows us to raise the bar on industry standards. 

Let us be the reason that YOU reach the NEXT LEVEL in your business. 
Course Location:
Ahead for Him & Her – Heswall
208 -210 Telegraph Road, Heswall, Wirral, CH60 0AL
10:00am – 17:30pm