UniqOne Dry Shampoo 75ml


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A cleansing and energising shampoo that adds volume and texture
A good dry shampoo is a busy girl’s best friend. This hard-working UniqONE Dry Shampoo lets you clean your hair in a hurry, with no need to rinse or reapply. It works by absorbing the excess oil from the scalp and hair, leaving it refreshed, revived and volumized.


Cleanses, refreshes and revives hair in a hurry
Adds volume and texture to flat hair
Absorbs oil and leaves minimal residue
Provides a light, fresh scent
This clever formula has been integrated with a fresh, modern scent that will leave your hair lightly fragranced. It is fantastic for colour-treated hair as it extends the time required between washes, prolonging the life of the hair dye.

Use this easy-to-apply dry shampoo before styling to create a hair-do that lasts longer without the need for hairspray. It leaves minimal residue and will have each strand looking fresh, natural and beautiful. Use with UniqONE Hair Treatment for best results.

Directions for Use

Shake well
Hold can 10-15cm from dry roots and spray
Leave to dry for a moment
Use your fingers or a brush to work the product through the hair